Devoxx 22

So it’s been 3 years since Devoxx organized a physical conference and it all started with an amazing breakfast and a cup of coffee to give us energy for the amazing talks to come. Stephan Janssen was thrilled in his keynote on Wednesday to welcome us back. For some of us working at JArchitects it

Spring batch – a user experience

Spring batch – a user experience July 2021 After working with Spring Batch for a while and enjoying its simplicity for performing high-volume and high-performance batch jobs, I started being called “mister-data-loader” in the daily standup. After such honors I’d like to share my experience with the framework. So, what is Spring Batch exactly and

Spring i/O Barcelona

Spring i/O Barcelona We, Tom and Jeroen from JArchitects went together with 1100 other attendees to the 2 day Spring I/O conference held in Barcelona on May 16 and 17 2019. During the keynote, Juergen Hoeller outlined the Spring Framework 5.2 roadmap with release date 31 July. As one of the key architects of Spring he highlighted