Machine Learning

We extract knowledge and insights from data

Since 2017 we also strongly focus on machine learning engineering and intelligent solutions. We provide our customers with specialized advice and help them to simplify their business processes considerably. Our certified specialists look at how our customers can save time and money by dealing more efficiently with your data :

We extract knowledge and insights from data.

We implement intelligent solutions that can evolve over time by learning from data.

We bring real value to your business.

Machine learning expertise

 If you are looking for specialized service in AI and Machine Learning, we can help you. Here are some examples of the services we can provide with respect to machine learning:

Conversational AI (chatbots)​

Imagine if your company could handle customer’s inquiries much faster and without the frequent overhead. Say it takes seconds instead of the usual days to perform these tasks. Healthcare, insurance, banking, and many other domains can benefit from conversational AI. A chatbot can support clients 24/7 with seamless conversational user experience, handling thousands of requests at a time.
Simply put, intelligent chatbots can help your customers to get tasks done much faster autonomously. Improving efficiency while diminishing bureaucracy, chances for error and costs.

Natural Language Understanding​

Understanding your customer’s wishes and intentions is paramount. So it is a good customer experience via whichever communication channel your company provides. Some parts of this interaction can be automated with the use of intelligent agents. These agents can capture useful information and provide a better experience and much richer service to your customers. NLU techniques empower your company with the ability to create insights about your customers’ behavior and help to understand how they feel about your services.

Fraud Detection

One of the key processes for many organizations is to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. If your company deals with financial transactions, chances are you will become a target at some point, if that is not the case yet. Being prepared to deal with such a situation, not only gives you confidence in the executions of your daily routines but also can avoid financial disasters and customer’s mistrust. Machine Learning techniques help to build fraud detection engines to trigger counter-attack measures upon an event of fraudulent transactions. As an added bonus, the engine can evolve over time learning from the data your company already collects every day, turning your business safer every day.

Forecasting and Market Campaign​

Which action should you take regarding your products or service portfolio? Should you start a sales campaign, increase the price or completely stop the production of a specific item? Which of these actions would your company benefit the most?
The ability to understand and predict customer demand is crucial to optimize decisions. And having the ability to make informed decisions is crucial for your company’s health and performance. Historical data and Machine Learning algorithms come to rescue you in these scenarios. We can build models incorporating many relevant factors like seasonality, trends, and other metrics to leverage the best insights to the decision makers in your organization.

There are so much more in Machine Learning. It is almost impossible to enumerate all the possibilities. Prediction, pattern recognition and image classification, recommendation systems, user behavior, semantic analysis, sentiment analysis and so much more. The core concept to keep in mind is ‘data-driven’. If your company has data, you can extract actionable insight from it. With the right methods and the right experts, you can take advantage of the hidden gems in your data to get even better in your business domain. JArchitects is here to help you achieve more, much more.

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